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I had the most remarkable experience working with Gwen when she was at AGDT in New York. I couldn't be more grateful for the positive impact she had on my dog and me. Her expertise and dedication to her craft truly set her apart as a dog trainer.

Gwen, formerly of New York and a former trainer at Amanda Gagnon Dog Training, was instrumental in helping me develop a bond with my incredible toy poodle, Nike, that I never thought was possible.

One of the aspects that impressed me the most about Gwen's training approach was how she made it easy for me to understand and apply. She broke down the training process into manageable, actionable steps, making it straightforward and digestible. Her ability to explain my dog's basic needs in a relatable way has had a lasting impact on our daily routine.

Additionally, Gwen emphasized the importance of allowing dogs to sniff, a behavior I had previously overlooked. Her teachings enlightened me about the significance of this instinctual behavior, contributing to my dog's mental stimulation and overall well-being. Thanks to her guidance, I now encourage Nike to explore and enjoy her surroundings, which has enriched both of our overall experiences on walks.

Gwen's expertise in dog behavior was truly invaluable. She helped me gain a deeper understanding of why my dog was reactive in certain situations. Her insights shed light on the underlying causes of her reactions and empowered me with effective tools to address them. As a result, I was able to create a calmer and safer environment for both my dog and myself.

Even when Gwen wasn't our main trainer, she went above and beyond to assist me with my new, highly troubled dog. Her willingness to provide guidance and support during that challenging time was exceptional and greatly appreciated.

I feel incredibly fortunate to have had Gwen's presence in our lives, and I must admit, I'm a little jealous that she has relocated out of New York City. However, I have no doubt that her new venture at Blitz Dog Training will be a resounding success. Dog owners who have the fortune of working with her will undoubtedly experience the transformative effects of her passion, expertise, and unwavering dedication to improving the lives of both dogs and their owners.

In conclusion, I wholeheartedly recommend Gwen and Blitz Dog Training to anyone in search of outstanding and compassionate dog training services. Her ability to build strong bonds and overcome training challenges is unparalleled. Thank you, Gwen, for making such a positive impact on Nike's life and mine.

Darion G.

I cannot recommend Gwen Moyer highly enough. When Gwen was a Senior Trainer with Amanda Gagnon Dog Training in NYC, we did two private sessions with her which addressed leash walking, recall, dog parks, and fear of riding in cars. Gwen is an expert on all these topics and more, and she is a skilled communicator with both people and dogs—my rescue pup Eli adores her! After each session, Gwen shared thorough and thoughtful notes about what we had covered and recommendations for continuing to build on his training.

Katherine F.

Gwen is extremely knowledgeable and kind. She has tons of experience with reactive dogs and dogs that need a little assistance learning routines and commands. She helped me tremendously when my rescue became reactive based on his abusive past. Her techniques were effective immediately and helped me to understand what was occurring and how to manage it. She is available for questions throughout the process and her passion for dogs is undeniable. A true expert and gem!!!

Amy G.

We worked with Gwen in NYC when we got our first puppy, Lasagna, during the pandemic. She’s so knowledgeable, patient, and committed. We tried videos, MasterClass, and other trainers but no one clicked with us and our dog the way Gwen did. She was so available and always encouraged us to reach out with questions before sessions. We miss having her in NY!

Asher I.

Gwen is an absolute dog whisper! We attended various socials and training groups with her when she was based in New York. My dog LOVES her (probably more than me) and would get so excited to see her. Gwen is patient, kind and very knowledgeable. She truly loves what she does and wants to help you (and your dog) in all areas she can. No matter what you need help with from basic puppy training to specific problems (reactivity, escape artist, ground grazer etc), Gwen is the answer!

Abigail G.

We LOVE Gwen! She is a true puppy whisperer. Our pup Chip is totally obsessed with her! Chip is no longer a shy, scared little guy anymore thanks to Gwen! She is very knowledgeable and extremely patient. She always goes extra mile to make sure you (the owner) know how to continue training your pups at home!

Angel S.

Gwen worked with our energetic and headstrong mini American shepherd from puppy through adolescence and beyond. A true professional who has a unique ability to communicate with and understand dogs, she guided us all with love and compassion and the dog’s best interests at heart. When recall was failing, she went above and beyond to come out on a morning walk to help us figure things out (although to be honest, our dog is always a perfect ANGEL for Gwen). When I had a question, she was there for us via text. Our dog - now 4 - is well behaved, well adjusted and well bonded to us and that’s in large part due to her early training with Gwen. You will not regret building the relationship with a good trainer as early as possible or using Gwen to help you with anything else along the way.

Joy C.

I cannot recommend Gwen enough! Her training style worked perfectly for our anxious dog. She truly worked wonders and our dog absolutely adored her. We have used her virtually as well and it’s an amazing resource.

Rachel N.

Gwen helped train our pup, Lilly, and was truly a life saver! She is caring, thoughtful, and extremely good at training dogs (and humans!).
She helped us discover our passion for agility and thanks to her amazing puppy training, Lilly has gone on to become a certified therapy dog!
We are so thankful we had Gwen and would HIGHLY recommend her to anyone with a pup!

Sarah R.

Gwen helped me so much! My cavapoo Scout had become very leash reactive, and I never knew how she was going to react towards other dogs. I did a training program with Gwen- and what I learned in her program completely changed my relationship with scout and her behavior! Almost a year later, Scout is completely different on our walks - she’s calm and open to meeting other dogs (even the big ones she’d be most triggered by). Gwen is so talented, I would recommend her to everyone!

Christie C.

As a professional dog trainer in NYC, I have had the distinct pleasure of working with Gwen for multiple years. I have also consulted with Gwen about many of my private training clients, as her unmatched expertise and utter devotion to each dog and human she encounters is unparalleled. If I had a dog with behavioral issues, Gwen would be not just my first but my ONLY choice as a dog trainer!!  She approaches each situation with an open mind, unending creativity and deep passion!!  If there’s anyone who can come up with unique solutions and innovative approaches to dog training, it’s Gwen. I have personally witnessed her training and interacting with thousands of dogs and I haven’t met a single dog who hasn’t immediately gravitated toward her. If you’re looking for an incredible professional dog trainer who speaks fluent Dog, Gwen is THE ONE!!”

Denver J., CPDT-KA

Gwen is truly the best of the best! She’s patient, understanding and you know she truly cares that you and your dog have the best life together. I believe there are some people that we born to do things, and Gwen was born to be a dog trainer!

Natalee M.

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