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Assistant Trainer: Zuzu

Assistant Trainer, Helper Dog

A former stray, teenage mom, found emaciated and mangy, still managed to raise 5 puppies alone as an adolescent in Alabama before finding her way to NYC. Little did anyone know she was headed north to help teach Gwen exactly what a high-energy, high-prey drive, un-treat-motivated, vocal, and independent soul needs.
While Zuzu came with plenty of her own issues and frustrations (the worst leash skills, or lack thereof, Gwen has seen yet), she was definitely destined to be a trainer herself. She has helped hundreds of dogs learn proper play, how to share, the benefits of responding to your human guardian(s), and most importantly: confidence.
She is also the first known dog to alert to the smell of gas leaks, among many other scents. 

When Zuzu is not on duty, she can be found hiking, swimming, attempting to take back her new porch from squirrels demanding squatters rights, poorly navigating for her guardian on road trips, or showing off her automatic "Settle" cue - some may call it "polite begging" but we call it "proof you can have a 'good dog' and feed them from the table if you want." 

Mix: Lab, Australian Shepherd, Chow Chow, Pitbull Terrier, German Shepherd, & Basenji.

Our Namesake: Blitz

Co-Founder, Teacher, Leader: Blitz

Not Gwen's first dog, but her greatest teacher and the reason we're all here today. Blitz was full of life and therefore life lessons, including everything from how to handle puppyhood to going off-leash safely to handling separation anxiety and panicked car rides. Blitz allowed Gwen plenty of "mistakes" - put in quotations as he is proof that with a little effort, everything can be managed or fully solved (with dedication, of course). 

Blitz naturally and effortlessly engrained even more patience and love into everyone he met, all with a little added humor. So while his name does have the other meaning defined on our homepage, Blitz Dog Training was also named to honor the patience and love he gave to us all. While his physical body is no longer with us, his teachings are very much present and brought to every human-dog team we come across. 

Mix: Shar pei, American Eskimo, Super Mutt. 

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